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Posted by SacKydzNG - January 23rd, 2021

New artwork(s) this week:

New game still in development!

Check out the alpha here!

The next update (v0.125) will hopefully come out by the end of next month.

New artwork coming out next Friday!


Level 12!



Yayyyyyyy Pixel Day yay happy funny fun fun time when is Pico day?!!1!1!1!1!!1!1691!!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!1!1


exams still suck

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Posted by SacKydzNG - January 19th, 2021

I have a cat now. She’s cute and loves it when I cuddle her. Whenever I see her I cry and say no pls don’t pls don’t kill me and she says eat this knife and then I eat it then she says now die and then she stabs me and then as I’m slowly dying she tells me how she brutally tortured my family and my sister died because she said she wanted to see mommy and then I die

Also here’s a picture of my cat.



Posted by SacKydzNG - January 19th, 2021

Artworks released last week:

New game still in development!

Go here for more information.

Important Announcement!

I won’t be uploading artwork for the next two weeks because of an examination currently taking place. As such..

New artwork coming on 29th of January or later.

I will still be occasionally active on Newgrounds, just not uploading anything.

Anyways, stay safe, and don’t forget, exams suck!

Posted by SacKydzNG - January 13th, 2021

The death of Flash.

The death of Flash has finally arrived, and it saddens everyone who grew up with these games (assuming your parents finally got WiFi in their house). An era of a titan in the world of interactive experiences, finally ending. Goodbye, Flash. HTML was better anyways.

The many Mario Flash games I've played.

I wish to mention the Flash games that entertained me for hours on end when I was a kid.

A Koopa’s Revenge 2

I just love this game.

Super Mario 63

I’ve never beaten it but it still got me coming back again and again.

Tuper Tario Tros.

Look okay I just love Mario Flash games. And I also love Tetris, so...

Gangster Bros.

You shoot stuff as Mario...

LR Interactive

This one’s a Luigi themed one so it’s definitely different!

Tails’ Nightmare 2

I’m scared.

Mario Combat


Ultimate Flash Sonic

This one’s my favorite purely because the physics are just so damn accurate to the Sonic Advance series.

So yeah overall if you wanna have a more interesting lineup of web games from your childhood then PLEASE DON’T BE ADDICTED TO JUST MARIO!

Its alternative.

For animators Flash and Adobe Animate are still good tools since swivel exists. As for developers, well, there’s not much..

..apart from an application that nobody seems to remember, an application that seems to do everything Flash did (obviously with a few notable differences), an application that might start the NEW era of Flash, just not Flash. I present to you, our hero, our savior, our Good Samaritan...

Wick Editor!

[slow claps probably idk]

It’s just so damn near-perfect! It’s sorta similar to how Flash approached game development! You have the canvas and the art tools, and you have a code editor, GO WILD! Just turn your drawing into a clip and attach a script to it and code whatever you can! It’s quite beginner-friendly. Just be sure to learn JavaScript along the way (that is, unless you’re an animator in which case you can STILL animate on it).

Please go support the folks behind this great application. They truly deserve it!

The main version is web-only, although they DO have offline versions which are currently in beta. Just be sure to save a .wick file frequently since crashes WILL occasionally happen (on the Desktop version anyways).

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for today!

Rest In Peace, Flash. We shall all miss you.


Posted by SacKydzNG - January 11th, 2021

I decided to make a game which is supposed to be a game centered around Wick Editor using, well, Wick Editor.

Criticism is very much needed.

Please leave your thoughts and criticism here in the comments section.



Update Thread: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1462485#bbspost26675216_post_text



Posted by SacKydzNG - January 10th, 2021

Artworks released last week:

Artwork(s) released today:

New game in development!

Yeah I’m currently making a pretty basic game that’ll probably never reach completion. For more information and updates, go here.

New Level Reached!


I [presumably] won’t be uploading artwork from 17th January up until 28th January because I have an examination during that time period so please be patient. I’ll work on updates for my game though and I’ll still be occasionally active on Newgrounds.

Anyways, please stay safe and don’t you EVER go outside without a mask!



Posted by SacKydzNG - January 4th, 2021



Posted by SacKydzNG - January 3rd, 2021

I only released two artworks last week, which is sad (for me). I'm now trying to release four or more artworks per week. Anyways, how's your 2021?

December 29th

December 31st


interpret that however you like


Posted by SacKydzNG - January 1st, 2021

My review of Tankmas ADVENTure 2020:

A Diary of my experiences and thoughts of the throughout its lifespan.

———————Here we go! ———————

Dec4: Music's pretty good, sprites are pretty well done, neat artwork gets showcased here, what's not to love? I feel bad for missing out on the first three days but I'm still glad I'm able to be able to play this wonderful game. Will be visiting this game again tomorrow!

Dec5: It’s getting even more improved, although I do have an issue with Tanks Giving in which whenever I open that present, the game freezes. Must be just a Safari (for iPad) issue.

Dec6: Fun, as usual.

Dec7: I’m glad y’all are safe. Also, still fun as usual.

Dec8: Festive Forage is quite meh in my opinion. But it has Alien Hominid in it, so I'll let it pass.

Dec9: Pin the Tail is quite a fun minigame. Also FINALLY PINNED THAT DAMN TAIL!

Dec10: I was 1 unit close to pinning the tail perfectly on that ass...that sounded weird.

Dec13: Missed two days (sadly), but still fun nonetheless. Also, love the addition of the On Air room and the fact that I can change music now.

Dec16: Missed two days again but it’s still fun. Also, the Salad Fingers skin is my favorite skin.

Dec22: I missed FIVE WHOPPING DAYS! WHAT THE FU— Also the game’s pretty fun still.

Dec23: Fun as usual.

Dec24: Fun.

Dec26: Dammit I missed out on the most important day of the game. Anyways, piss on 2020.

Dec27: Finally tried out the Think Positive game and I really wish it was endless. Overall, it's a fun time. 10/10 IGN.

Dec29: Missed a day but I like the gift I got today. Santa must be packing a lot in those fists.

Dec30: Please tell me there’s more for January, it’s really hard to say goodbye.

Dec31: Happy New Year’s Eve!

——————— The End. ———————

I thank every single soul involved with the creation of what would be a large part of my and many others’ Christmases in 2020. This was truly amazing and if there is to be a Tankmas ADVENTure 2021 (which is probably unlikely considering the amount of work involved), then I’ll be more than glad to be a part of it. The Artists and their artworks showcased were amazing. The Mini-Games were mostly fun. It was all amazing. 100/10.


(Also I’m really sorry for posting the same damn review THREE times by now. I need help.)


Thank you, and have an amazing 2021.

I’m still sad that I have to say goodbye to Artmas, Tankmas, and Christmas on Newgrounds as a whole. Well, all good things must come to a temporary end (yeah I have hope for Christmas 2021). Play the game. It’s really amazing.

Oh and also btw Pepsi-Man vs. Pepsi Can.

New art coming on January 3rd 2021 =D

Anyways have a fun 2021, I now have to prepare for school (and I’m not liking it).


Posted by SacKydzNG - December 31st, 2020

Here ya go!

I’ve recently reached Level 10 which is freaking amazing!


Anyways, I have nothing much to say apart from

may 2020 never happen again


Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy 2021!

also follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SacKydz12


EDIT: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO GMT REGIONS (+Some other regions)!!!