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sackydzNG's News

Posted by sackydzNG - May 12th, 2021

yo it’s new art

some other somewhat decent arts I arted


day 3 of being pruned

it sucks can anyone PLEASE get me out of this pit of pruned-ness


anyways fuck twatter go Newgrounds.com


and yes I will be using this .gif for every news post I make no matter how repetitive it gets



Posted by sackydzNG - May 1st, 2021


also I made sum shitty art for this momentous occasion

this was more specifically made for this cool clicker game that you should check out

also here’s my latest good arts

oh and also twitter sucks dick



Posted by sackydzNG - April 26th, 2021

uhhh u know this ball of love?


yeah there’s a discord server with his name (not much talk about him there tho soo uhhh sorry I think)


Also go follow @SurelySomeone and their Twitter idk they’re a pretty cool dude

Also I make art

my latest fully complete art:

yeah also fuck Twitter


Posted by sackydzNG - April 9th, 2021

got a 100 followers on the shitter so yeah

Y’know, y’all COULD get me to a 100 followers here on newgrounds.com

go Pico yeah yeah

remember aer’n the Airting?

that’s it lol

Posted by sackydzNG - March 31st, 2021



Posted by sackydzNG - March 25th, 2021

Yeah I stopped numbering these.

holy crap new art:

yo what ur experimentin’ or some shit?

Yeah, I've been recently trying to go for a more sketchy style. I've been trying this for months now, but I never actually implemented these in my more PROPER artworks. But I'm willing to change all that, so it might take a while until the next artworks.

also I killed my game GOODBYEEEEEEEE



Posted by sackydzNG - February 28th, 2021

Go check out @BobGenerico. They're a pretty good artist.



Posted by sackydzNG - February 27th, 2021

Exam’s coming so no artworks for the next two weeks (sad)!

I made these:

The new game is still in development! 

Check out the alpha here.

Exams are coming up so no updates on the game for about two weeks or so.

Also here are my plans for this game:

  • There will be only three arcade machines in the arcade room.
  • The end be a short minigame related to bread.
  • This game will be tiny when finished (since this WAS made to test the waters).
  • I’ll be moving to HaxeFlixel (or any other 2D game engine) for bigger projects although I’ll still be using Wick Editor for animations and will promote it.
  • This game’ll definitely get blammed.
  • @Team-TazerKettle left the chat.

Also yay 2000 EXP


Exam bad fnf good


Posted by sackydzNG - February 22nd, 2021

A child (who for the sake of this story will stay anonymous) was just studying for his exam when he suddenly realized he was bored. The boy would usually fall asleep as soon as he gets bored. He was in a state of panic all of a sudden, as his exam was tomorrow and his parents told home that if he gets good grades in the exam, then they’ll buy him a new laptop since his older laptop just refuses to work. Nothing was more important to him than the laptop.

Anyways, he was panicking. He can't spare to get bored and fall asleep! But what can he do to suppress his boredom?

Then, he got an idea: he shall go to The Cult of Anti-Boredom. So he quickly ran there. Cult meetings were usually held at the abandoned morgue. He went there and found the cult cursing the evil that was boredom. They spoke of boredom as if it was the devil himself! Then they noticed the young boy standing there, watching them. One of them asked the boy what was he doing there. The boy replied that he wanted to join the cult. They replied with a yes, since they wanted to teach the youth The Ways of Anti-Boredom. 

It had been a long 20 minutes, but after that, the boy was ready. So he went back to his studies and he was able to study without getting bored once. When he was finally done, it was night, so it was appropriate that he went to sleep, but there was one problem: he couldn't sleep. Because he can't get bored, he can't get to sleep. So he had no choice but to go out at night and meet the cult again. So he met the cult again and asked them to make him normal again, but they replied that once he’s made un-bored he can't go back to being bored again. The boy was disappointed. He needed to sleep so that he can perform well in the exam tomorrow. That’s when all of a sudden, Boredom itself came to his house. The boy asked Boredom to make him bored again so that he can go to sleep. Boredom said he’ll do so, but only when the boy denounces his membership in The Cult of Anti-Boredom. He quickly shouted his denouncement of the cult. But then, all of a sudden, the house was being raided by none other than The Cult of Anti-Boredom itself! But it was too late; the child was bored again. Angry, the cult quickly swarmed against boredom, and they fought all night, only for both parties to be tired. Meanwhile, the child quickly went to sleep.

The next day, the child woke up and went to school and did his exam. He aced it. He was overjoyed, so overjoyed that he even started his cult called The Cult of Not-Being-Bored-For-Exams-While-Being-Bored-Only-For-Sleeping, or The Cult of NBBFEWBBOFS for short.

The End.



Posted by sackydzNG - February 20th, 2021

Apparently there’s another examination taking place at my school 7 days later. So don’t expect much this month, I guess.

uhhh here’s this:

The new game is still in development! 

Check out the alpha here.

also am now at level 14 yay

check this out too


also fuck exams like who the hell came up with the concept of examinations anyways?!