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I really missed out on this masterpiece when it came out like 3 weeks ago.

It's quite a funny. Made me do the laugh. I did the "haha" because as I said, it's quite a funny. 10/10, I've got a boner now.

I shall vote 5 on this movie submission, not only because you told me to do so, but also because this movie gives me incredible amounts of joy for some odd reason. *votes 5*

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Really want a full game out of this. It's THAT good.

i agree, i do have a tiny penis

Really love this game. Fuck Putin. Long live Ukraine.
Only criticisms I have are:
1) Putin isn't short enough
2) I need to see more gruesome Putin action here. This is an Assassin game, after all.
Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and make this game practically perfect. 10/10, would nuke Putin again. Need to find that last achievement tho

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Really makes me feel like I’m playing The Legend Of Time: Ocarina Of Time on the Sega Genesis!

Only thing is that I’ve never played Ocarina Of Time.

10/10, really made me FEEL like I was being hunted down by a cockroach.

makes me piss my pants emotionally. 10/10, 23 oscars

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Idk what aloft even means in the first place so I'm not sure what an electronic version of it would look like but 9/10 nonetheless

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Aloft means you're floating; you're up in the sky. A good way to remember it is that it's an anagram of the word "Float" which makes perfect sense.

Thanks for the comment also, my friend. :)

omg the funny shitty mod

who tf is a phil argus

cade000k responds:

character from an obscure 2000s webseries called bonus stage, you can find it on youtube

Amateur artist who loves to exist here.

Lemon Demon and Sonic Fan @sackydzNG

15, She/They

drawing and existing

school of being a dipshit B)

here lol

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