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Gay moment

Deserves a 4.4/5 score at the very least.

1337 m00vie, 6969/10

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Same as the other game, but with a different color. I won't really rate a reskin much higher but my review on the previous game still stands; This isn't racism.
Ironically, the anti-message gives me Twitter vibes, the same website that tried to cancel you for "racism". Shows how much of a hypocrite Twitter can be.
Man, I hate Twitter.

I'm pretty sure half of the people that zero-bombed this game because it was "racist" didn't even play the game. The title was obviously sarcasm and at the very end you see a buncha colors living together in harmony, sharing their own harmless opinions. This game is clearly about accepting different people with different opinions and how pointless the hivemind mentality is, not anti-black propaganda or whatever Twitter claims this game is.
Man, I hate Twitter.

made me cry tears :( was really sexually intensive too :D overall a 69666420/10 would cum again

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when the haii is real

This is some weird ass shit

And I love myself some weird ass shit.

Dope ass music. You honestly deserve more fans.

BakiTheFox responds:

Thank you! Believe it or not, one of my tracks is in Pit People. It's the track Dark Dance for the Bully Beach Battle. I'm happy with the support from listeners like you!

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best show ever

Is gonna be a good Newgrounds game, I just know it. Just take your time. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “don’t rush the fuckin game you cunt”.

Twitter users when someone criticises their actions

Amateur artist who loves to exist here (and is also a minor so NO NSFW).

SacKydz Newgrounds @SacKydzNG


drawing and existing

school of being a dipshit B)

here lol

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