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sackydzNG's News

Posted by sackydzNG - November 28th, 2020

The following message was sent by a former NG user called ‘TheCandyMan1134’ to SacKidz12 (my old NG account)

“I eat candy.

Children eat candy.

That means I eat children

you’re next, bitch”

Apparently (this isn’t confirmed yet), the user was a cannibal who ate children like candy. The user sent disturbing photos of the remains of what appears to be a kid. The user was eventually terminated permanently from the site and was arrested and is to this day kept under custody.

Here are the images that I have secretly posted to my website(Warning, these images are really gruesome and are thus 21+. You have been warned).

Link: https://sackydz12.wixsite.com/here/youshouldntbehere/

Posted by sackydzNG - November 25th, 2020


best anime ive ever made


Posted by sackydzNG - November 22nd, 2020

7 fans, level 7, and mentally 7 years old...

I shall declare today Seven Day!

That's the most boring name you could give to a day.


Posted by sackydzNG - November 16th, 2020

not that anyone really cares...

I feel like I’ve said this before...


Posted by sackydzNG - November 8th, 2020

My mind has been troubling me recently. I’ve been questioning myself as to what am I doing wrong. It took me weeks, but I’ve finally found out why I feel troubled...

I need to learn how to shade.

Please help me.



Posted by sackydzNG - November 6th, 2020

Decided to make this review just coz I had lots of free time on my hands.

“Don’t listen to all the reviews that say this website is terrible because of all the hentai and porn. There’s more than just that! In fact, if you really wanna view porn on Newgrounds, you have to SPECIFICALLY look for it. This website is definitely not for kids. It has a bunch of stuff specifically catered towards teens and adults. However, a bunch of people talking about how easy it is to watch porn on this website clearly don’t know about parental guidance. Letting your kid(s) go loose on the internet was a bad idea in the first place. You should supervise what your kid is watching. Blaming all the porn and violence on Newgrounds is like saying that the internet is a babysitter for children; it’s not. If your child watches or plays stuff on Newgrounds, then try to supervise the content that they’re viewing. Newgrounds has a bunch of filters that you can customize to block out all the adult and mature stuff. And plus, it’s really amazing. It has a bunch of talented animators, musicians, developers, artists, etc. It gets rid of (i.e blams) terribly and lazily made crap (most of the time) and there are many reviews that help the creator improve and refine their craft. Overall, a wonderful website that you should definitely check out (just please educate your child on internet safety and supervise them if they’re below 17 or 18 years of age)!”

No hate to Common Sense Media or anything.



Posted by sackydzNG - November 5th, 2020

Yay awesome Sonic mania is good game I wan Sonic adventure 3 for nintendoo swicht forces bad

sonic 3 best game evar Sonic has had a roug transision into 3d eversince sonk dventure one sonk nvewr been goood rogue is h*t!1!1,a!1q,,1!,q,q,q,q

Anyways, now that I’m done with this terrible post, I’m gonna play Sonic 3&K.

Yes, I’m a CLASSIC Sonic fan.

Sonic 4 fucking sucks.


Posted by sackydzNG - November 4th, 2020

not that anyone really cares...


Posted by sackydzNG - October 25th, 2020

hi there fellow beings

So you may not know this, but the first account I made on Newgrounds was an obscure account made in 2019 called SacKidz12. In that account, I managed to publish 2 animations (there were other animations but they were blammed, and for good reasons too), both of which were bad. And I made a bunch of art on that account. I also made a game called HOME... oooh boy.

So HOME was this platformer where you do nothing but get to the end. It took me less than 2 hours to make it and it shows. I only made it, like, 1 month ago, and yet even I agree that it was boring! The graphics were all made in under 30 minutes in MS Paint. And level design was painfully average. The only version left on the Internet is the itch.io version, which if you want to check it out (for some reason), then here’s the link:


Then I decided to change accounts to start anew and to get a name change. It was a breath of fresh air for me and I’m glad I did so.

Recently I deleted my old account. It’s probably for the best.

Also last night a packet of Doritos rickrolled me and since then I’ve never eaten Doritos at all.

Anyways, smoke ya later!


Posted by sackydzNG - October 20th, 2020

hi there fellow beings

I’m gonna be back this Thursday to drawing art. And no one’s even checked out my art yet so please review it!

I mean, it’s not like anyone’s reading this, sooooooo...

Smoke ya later!