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Posted by sackydzNG - December 7th, 2020

30 News Posts, 52 artworks, over 256 reviews, 400 freaking faves!!

But most importantly, 20 fans.

Thanks a bunch for following some random artist who doesn’t even know what the hell he's doing.

Pepsi Can vs. Pepsi-Man coming soon on New Year’s Eve at 11:59 PM EST hopefully.

mr normal is waiting


Posted by sackydzNG - December 7th, 2020

Mr. Normal is a character who's n̶o̶t̶ a normal character. He k̶i̶l̶l̶s̶ makes pies for everyone'̶s̶ ̶b̶o̶d̶i̶e̶s̶.

More about Mr. Normal: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1460846#bbspost26647104_post_text

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Posted by sackydzNG - December 6th, 2020

Is this what I’ve been reduced to?! What happened to the old me? Y’know, the one who knew his way, the one who was proud of what he made, the one who actually didn’t make crap.

oh btw just to let you know im talking about this garbage (https://youtu.be/icp0--iJqtE) okay have a nice day =)


Posted by sackydzNG - December 4th, 2020

Is it a film randomly put together by your imagination? Is it an illusion constructed by the memories you formed that day? Is it a reality that we are sent to to either relieve us of the day or remind you of your worst fears? Is it a gift that lets us escape reality into a land formed by our very minds? Is it a sign? Is it just nothing? Do our brains just make up those memories of oddness and rationalizes those memories by defining it as a dream? What is it?

Well, there’s one thing that we all know about dreams; they happen.


Posted by sackydzNG - December 1st, 2020

Mr Meeps was an alcoholic who somehow got a job and family. But that doesn’t mean his life is stable. No, it’s quite the opposite in fact. His wife is sick of his drinking problem, his kids avoid him, and he works as a fast food employee, which obviously means he doesn’t really get paid that much. Needless to say, Mr Meeps has a dysfunctional life. And he his way of dealing with all of this is by constant drinking. “A bit of beer won’t hurt”, he always says to himself. But one can of beer turns into 2 cans of beer, then 4 cans of beer, then 8 cans of bee— you see where I’m going.

One day, he contemplated his life decisions and realized that he should just stop! But he didn’t know how to stop. Drinking was pretty much his life at this point. So he decided to consult a saint. He asked the saint,”O saint, how can I get out of my obsession with alcohol”. The saint replied,”Go into the Forest of Cleansing where the fairy man lives. He shall cleanse you of your sin.”

So Mr Meeps went into the Forest of Cleansing and ironically, it wasn’t even that clean! It was quite filthy! But Mr Meeps didn’t care. He then found the Fairy man. The fairy man said, “Yo, whaddup bitch! I heard you have an obsession with a bit of alcohol. Well only assholes drink 10 cans of beer every one hour. You’re one of those assholes.” Mr Meeps was surprised by how much the fairy man cussed a lot. He soon found out why though,”SacKydz12, the worst writer ever made, changed us from clean goody two shoes to dirty cussing mother f*ckers. If ya really wanna get real advice, first, kill the SacKydz12”. 

So mr meeps went to SacKydz12’s house and threatened to take his iPad and eat his donuts. “NO! NOT THE DONUTS!”, said SacKydz12, the greedy fool that he is. “I’ll clean the forest of cleansing”. So Mr Meeps went back to the forest. Everything looked great! It actually looked like the forest of cleansing. The fairy man said “Go back to the saint. You have combated you alcoholism.” On going back to the saint, he saw that the saint was drinking beer. And not just one can, a whole stack! More than Mr Meeps has ever drank in his entire life! Turns out, the saint was actually an alcoholic the whole time.

What the fairy man said was true. Mr Meeps was no longer an alcoholic. But now he was obsessed with something even worse. Donuts.

Also SacKydz12 lied and he ruled the land with his terrible writing skills until he became a mature adult.

Moral of the story: Please, just stop.



Posted by sackydzNG - November 28th, 2020

Okay but for real though I'm really thankful to all the 15 folks that decided to follow me for whatever reason. It's amazing, really.

I don't really have anything else to say apart from LET'S REACH A 100 FANS.

Also since I now have 15 fans I'm expecting at least 5 ratings on my artworks so if you don't rate my art then I'll eat your donuts (especially the chocolate ones).



Posted by sackydzNG - November 28th, 2020

The following message was sent by a former NG user called ‘TheCandyMan1134’ to SacKidz12 (my old NG account)

“I eat candy.

Children eat candy.

That means I eat children

you’re next, bitch”

Apparently (this isn’t confirmed yet), the user was a cannibal who ate children like candy. The user sent disturbing photos of the remains of what appears to be a kid. The user was eventually terminated permanently from the site and was arrested and is to this day kept under custody.

Here are the images that I have secretly posted to my website(Warning, these images are really gruesome and are thus 21+. You have been warned).

Link: https://sackydz12.wixsite.com/here/youshouldntbehere/

Posted by sackydzNG - November 25th, 2020


best anime ive ever made


Posted by sackydzNG - November 8th, 2020

My mind has been troubling me recently. I’ve been questioning myself as to what am I doing wrong. It took me weeks, but I’ve finally found out why I feel troubled...

I need to learn how to shade.

Please help me.



Posted by sackydzNG - November 6th, 2020

Decided to make this review just coz I had lots of free time on my hands.

“Don’t listen to all the reviews that say this website is terrible because of all the hentai and porn. There’s more than just that! In fact, if you really wanna view porn on Newgrounds, you have to SPECIFICALLY look for it. This website is definitely not for kids. It has a bunch of stuff specifically catered towards teens and adults. However, a bunch of people talking about how easy it is to watch porn on this website clearly don’t know about parental guidance. Letting your kid(s) go loose on the internet was a bad idea in the first place. You should supervise what your kid is watching. Blaming all the porn and violence on Newgrounds is like saying that the internet is a babysitter for children; it’s not. If your child watches or plays stuff on Newgrounds, then try to supervise the content that they’re viewing. Newgrounds has a bunch of filters that you can customize to block out all the adult and mature stuff. And plus, it’s really amazing. It has a bunch of talented animators, musicians, developers, artists, etc. It gets rid of (i.e blams) terribly and lazily made crap (most of the time) and there are many reviews that help the creator improve and refine their craft. Overall, a wonderful website that you should definitely check out (just please educate your child on internet safety and supervise them if they’re below 17 or 18 years of age)!”

No hate to Common Sense Media or anything.